Year End

Year end It struck a chord Up & there I am, at my port   Pen scribbled Mind dribbled But the ball just slipped And left me troubled   Just what so exciting What so depressing Just what did brew That left papers strewn   My mind, I find In a tussle To work up […]


A feeling Stuck in me The urge to say Overpowering me It happens just once It is around you But my lips seperate And close to seal The words My words are right there The feeling My feeling felt quite fair It still did stop A line drawn My eyes shone With tears dried and […]

Visual Connect

I glanced I knew It was you Stood there gazing To see who moved     My sight of you A pure chance But never was I happier To stand this stance     Our eyes shone in recognition Acknowledged the other The words, emotions Still stuck and constricted further     I passed by […]

Tempt : An Attempt

CHAPTER 2 Bewilderment. Curiosity. Shock. Are these the only words one has? The class begged to differ. It definitely was a rather noticeable thing, however officially noticed later, that the nerd gal and the sportish guy were changing colour! One thought of their relationship as an orange however the escalation to the grand pink was […]

Tempt : An Attempt

CHAPTER 1 Yes, Rivals.. starting with friendship to dispute to rivalry. They never came across chivalry. A quiet guess by one of the benchmates just revealed their genders – as expected… A guy and a gal. Well it couldn’t be anyone. The gal basically was a greatest, or so, nerd of the entire college. The […]