Birthday Wishes

There we are again! Celebrating my lovely crazy dear friend Shambhavi Mahadevan’s BDAY!! Its been 2 years since buddy hood so let’s celebrate it with a poem! Shall we?! 🌺🎂 There, I wish to write about you My pen wouldn’t move Thats the way it is Questioning the way to describe you You may be […]


A memory flashes Eyes lift A twinkle in them I remember thee well It is that time I met you first Impulse to handshake Impulse to hug instead It just happened I knew of nothing Sparks flew Feelingfelt knew nothing Impulse to hug Stay close, my love I fear my act, love I need an […]

Year End

Year end It struck a chord Up & there I am, at my port   Pen scribbled Mind dribbled But the ball just slipped And left me troubled   Just what so exciting What so depressing Just what did brew That left papers strewn   My mind, I find In a tussle To work up […]